Tips to improve sales performance



You must be aware of different sales strategies but some simple steps you often miss. It can have a huge impact on your business or sales number.


Prepare ERP-

     First of all prepare ERP (enterprise resource planning) so that you have all the information in a single place and there are separate departments to consider every minute detail. It will cost you to make ERP but it would act as a central nervous system where you will have all the information about your customers. Gathering information is the first step.


Identify the customers

     Next step is to identify your customers; differentiate them on the basis of their age, gender, ethnicity etc. Each customer has different taste; unless you understand what the customer is looking for in a product, you will not able to satisfy the customer so would not able to improve your sales performance.

     Target the customers and make a list of customers on the basis of their priorities. Do the certain modifications in your product accordingly.  The customer will look for the feature of his or her interest in a product; if he does not get a hat in the first instance he or she will reject the product in the first instance.


Do market and competitive analysis

      Do proper market analysis before manufacturing and releasing your product in the market. Along with market analysis, focus on competitive analysis also. Find out the area where you have a relative competitive edge and try to create more such areas.


Promotion through social media sites

Take the help of social media sites; make your advertisement attractive on these sites so that it fascinates the customer and make customers realize that they certainly need your product. If the customer does not feel any need to buy your product, he will hesitate in removing money out of his pocket. An additional benefit of these sites is that they all are free e.g. facebook, twitter, Linked in etc. if there is need to spend some money do not hesitate as that will bore the fruits in future. Some online shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart can be accessed for the purpose. They will promote your product without any fee.


Effective communication with customers

Ask the sales representative to build more rapport with customers through the social media sites like telling about the product likely to come in the market soon. It will generate enthusiasm among people and they will like to know more about your product.


Focus on loyal customers

     Identify loyal customers and try to increase their number. Do not let her loyal customer go as that will be a major failure for the organization. Try to get more and more customers but loyal customers should be given priority as they will promote your product by telling about a specific product to the certain number of people, along with buying it.


Determine the right price

Determine the price of your product according to its quality but also analyze the competitive rates prevalent in the particular market. If you make a product of high quality and set the good price for it but there is no money in the pockets of customers to buy that product at such a high rate, your effort will fail to release the product after setting the price according to the potential in the market.


Provide incentives to customers

Give personalized incentives to the customers like insurance policies or any other free product so that they feel an economic advantage in buying your product. You will be able to garner more customers as customers generally stress on economic value along with the quality. You will be able to define your product in better terms.


Try to achieve particular goal

Set the sales goal of your organisation. Aspire everyone in the organisation to achieve that goal so that there is effort to increase the sales, from every quarter. Ask salespersons to talk to the customers, while selling product, in a systematic way. Engage the audience by asking them questions and answering their questions. You need to be specific about your product and know all the special features of your product so that that you are able to communicate with the audience effectively. You need not to go to extreme ends that means you need not be too general or too specific as it would not build trust among customers while you talking to them. Audience will not find your words engaging enough to continue listening you and there will be breach of communication. Then it will be very difficult to get that customer back.


Make presentations

Present seminars on your products in different hotels, malls or cities so that more and more public know about your product and your company. Choose the place where your target customers come so that interest is built among the people targeted. Ask the seminar presentative to include more pictures in the presentation as that would leave deep impact in the minds of customers. You may hire a special agent or representative for this work.


Message should be clear

Make yourself as clear to customers as possible. Try to show them your organisation is transparent organisation with accountability so make your message clear to the people. Do not take any customer for granted, sell atleast something to every person. Get the hold over customers’ mind so that you think according to them and make modifications I your product accordingly.


Joint effort with complement businesses

Find business partners so that they promote their product along with their own. Start schemes so that there is win-win situation for customer, you and for your partner. Sometimes it is difficult to sell one product but easy to sell two products together so get your complementary product company work with you as far as marketing is concerned.


Be prepared to defend

Always be ready to defend yourself against objections raised from any quarter. Handle all the criticism in courteous manner so that you seem to be trustworthy. No raising of voice at unnecessary criticisms; it will only dent your image. There should be effective machinery to deal with such kind of problems that remain always ready to answer the critics. You cannot hide from critics, they will always be there so better to handle them effectively. Answer them in their language; if they are professional be professional with them. If they follow legal methods, answer them legally and tackle the problem easily.


Follow negotiation techniques

Use proper negotiation techniques so that you warm up you’re your customers to buy your product. Use soft language with your customers; tell them about the benefits of your product. Make them realise that they need your product which will help them for a considerable period of time. Use effective channels to reach out to the customers. If necessary, you can use door to door policy also.


Build life end relationship with customers

Once the customer has bought someone from you, your relationship with customer does not end there. Try him to convert in loyal customer. keep him updated with your latest products and schemes. Regularly talk with the customer through phone or email but do not bombard the customer with emails or do not disturb him all the time as it will present the wrong image of your company and will show you the person of greedy character.


Realise the customer that you care for him

Show the customer that you care for him or her and realise the pain felt by him or her which he or she experienced while using same kind of product from another company. Tell him or her how your product fixes that problem and give the hassle free services. Previous bad experience with the same kind of product may have positive as well as negative effect. It depends on you how you deal with the matter and convince the person to use your product.


Reach out to more and more people

Initially there may be less response from the customers; do not panic. Make the target of talking to certain number of people. Fulfill this target even if people are not ready to buy your product instantly. It will help you create brand image. Once people know about you, they will automatically like to know about your products. attend or make calls to different kind of audience. Make the list of the people who shows positive response. Follow them up and ultimately increase your sales.


Acknowledge and rectify mistak

If you have committed any mistake, do not run away from it or do not ignore it. Mistakes are always there when you take a big work in your hand. Learn from your mistakes and rectify them. Try to build a brand image in the eyes of the customers. Do not hesitate to acknowledge your mistakes in front of your employees as otherwise also they would have negative image about you. let the friendly environment grow in your office or work area. Then employees also will not hesitate to tell you their problems and they will work with more efficiency and happily.


Be mentally strong

There are positive as well as negative people in the world. Do not get swayed by the wrong or demotivating ideas of others. Make yourself mentally strong and remain adamant to achieve your dreams in least time possible. Health is wealth and mental health matters very much for your overall well being. Make your mind strong and try to make progress. There would always be risk if you do something; do not panic and remain committed.