social Media Marketing Tips for small Business Owners

If you’re a small business owner and looking for some easy new ways to promote your company– media marketing is the way to go! Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, your audience is on social media and you should be too. Setting up your accounts and maintaining them can seem like an intimidating task at first, but with these 6 tips you’ll be a master in no time.


Creating social media business accounts on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn showcases your company brand and culture while allowing fans to connect with you. Along with providing credibility, this is a great way for small business owners to gain the trust of their current and potential customers. There are so many social networks out there that it is important to research which ones fit your business best. Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and Google+ are some of the most popular social networks. If you are going to focus on just a few, you should try to include Facebook and LinkedIn for sure. Facebook is a great B2C (business to community) platform, whereas LinkedIn may be better for B2B (business to business) connections.


Now that you’ve set up your social media profiles, the next step is to fill them with content! Social media marketing can come in many different forms, but it’s important to remember to focus on the quality of your posts as opposed to how many posts you have. So how, you ask, do you create quality content? There are a few options, you can study top industry leaders in your field and learn how they write and deliver content, you can hire a social media expert to write or design the content for you or you can use a site like Promo Republic that has a huge library of pre-written social media post templates for any occasion. This is always a good option since it takes one step out-out of the way, whether you wish to promote a special offer, present a new product, or share a funny photo, Social Media has an array of options to help deliver content to your audience.


The beauty of social media is that its reach extends across the globe. No longer is physical proximity a determining factor in whether or not someone will take notice of your business. However, spreading your message on social media sometimes involves investing in ads or social media management tools to help promote your business.. There are plenty of ways small business owners can further share and market e their content. For example, on Facebook you can “boost your posts” so that they appear higher on your audience’s News Feed, increasing the chances that they be seen. Similarly, with LinkedIn, you can use “sponsored updates” which allow you to share content from your company page with specific people outside your following.


Once you have created, shared and promoted your content, you should take the time to analyze your results. Which posts were successful? Which didn’t work? What social media network do you have the biggest following on? Tools such as Google Analytics can help show where your marketing has been the most effective. Google Analytics highlights e which sites are bringing you the most traffic, your top posts and allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses so you can continue to make improvements in your strategy.


When you know what works with your audience, don’t be afraid to reuse or repurpose popular content and strategies. If you have the biggest following on Facebook, make that your main focus. If you know your audience shares and interacts more with certain types of posts, share more of them. It may take some time to find the perfect marketing method for your small business, but once you do, continue with it. On the other hand, when you identify content that wasn’t successful, try something new. Take another look at your audience and experiment with different types of posts whether that’s video, photos or articles, try sharing them in a new way. Keep going until you find that content “sweet spot,” then stick to it.


Last, but definitely not least – build your community! You have your social media profiles,, content and strategy, now focus on growing your audience. Social media makes this relatively easy by allowing you to follow other people, pages and profiles, , repost content, and respond to comments. You can even use your social media accounts as a method of customer support, which will generate more traffic. Respond to people’s feedback and maintain a strong presence on your networks. By engaging and interacting with your audience on a regular basis, your community will begin to expand before you know it.