Tips to Improve Google Ranking

Without Promotion, There Is No Use Of Website.

No Matter How Beautiful Website You Have, How Quality Product Your Company Has. Without Help Of SEO, Your Business Cannot Generate Leads And Visibility.


What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Is The Process In Which The Traffic To Your Website Is Improved From Search Engines Such As Google, Yahoo, And Bing Via Organic Or Algorithmic Search Results In Search Engines. The Higher A Website Appears In Search Results, The Higher The Number Of Visitors The Page Will Receive From The Search Engine. There Are Several Methods To Improve Your Pages Ranking Without Submitting To The Paid Schemes Offered By Search Engines.

There Are Some Basic SEO Tips You Must Keep In Mind.

Why You Should Plan Your Website Wisely.


Page Title- Your Website Must Have Related And Compelling Keyword Title On Your Website. Title Tag Is Always Visible By Search Engine Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex And Many More.


Meta Description- Your Website Need A Perfect And Compelling Content, It Helps To Make Website Visibility Better In Search Engine.


Keyword Placement- Your Website Need Perfect Keywords Placement For Search Engine Ranking. But Don’t Add Keywords In Ridiculous Way, Otherwise It Will Heart Your Search Engine Ranking.


Sitemap- Sitemaps Help Google To Know Set Of URL In A Website. Having Sitemap In Your Website Will Rank Relevant Page For Relevant Keyword.


ALT TAG- Your Website Images And Video Must Use ALT Tag. It Will Help To Keep Improving Search Engine Ranking.


Responsive Website- Your Website Must Be Responsive I.E. Mobile Friendly. Internet Penetration In India Is Due To Mobiles, So Make Mobile Friendly Website. It Will Help Better User Experience.


Don’t Use Flash Player- Don’t Use Flash Player For Your Website. Many Small Businesses Like To Run Their Sites Using Flash As It Is Easy To Launch And Is Fairly Cheap. However, Google Always Ranks Flash Sites Lower Then Websites Running On Alternative Platforms – Partially Because You Cannot Link To An Individual Page.


Update Content Regularly- Keep Fresh And Relevant Content In Your Website Will Help Your Website To Rank High In Search Engine Ranking. Regularly Updated Content Rank Better On That Websites Who Is Not Updated Regularly.


Get Natural Links- If We Have Positive And Strong Referrals Than It Helps Better In Market Repo. Same Things Happen With Google Algorithms, Google Rank High Those Sites Who Has High Quality Outbound Links.

So Try To Get Quality Outbound Links For Your Website. It Will Show Difference In Your Search Engine Ranking.


URL Structure- Your Set Of URL Structure Must Be Clean. A URL Is Up There In The First Things That A Search Engine Uses In Order To Determine A Page Rank, Hence Why It’s Vital To Make Them Easy For Spiders To Search. This Can Be Done By Keeping The URLs Short (Which Also Enhance The User Experience), Keeping Them Relevant To The Page’s Topic And Keywords, And By Ensuring The URLs Help Categories The Site Pages.


Track Your Performance- Top Ranking In Search Engine Gives A Different Type Of Joy. Maintaining Keyword Performance Is Very Crucial For Any Website. So Keep Regularly Track Your Performance In Search Engine.